Confidentiality of your data

Everything you tell your physical therapist is confidential. I may not make any announcements to anyone without your written permission. Your practitioner does not have to ask you if he can exchange thoughts about you with colleagues. (other therapists, doctors, specialists). If you do not want your therapist to discuss something with colleagues, you can indicate that.

Provide information to others

It may be that others request information about you, such as a doctor or therapist. You can always refuse that. I may only provide information to others if you give specific permission, preferably in writing. You will be told exactly which information will be given and you agree to this. So agree in advance whether your doctor or other therapists may be informed.


Prem is an independent knowledge center that maps treatment effects of common disorders. The measured treatment effects are used for scientific research and to gain insight into the effect of a treatment per practice. Participation in this study is mandatory for my practice. See it as an external audit of our work. Our budget depends on participation. The questionnaires that they offer to you will be processed anonymously by Prem.

Your file

Your practitioner is required to keep a file on the course of the therapy. Good reporting is part of a professional approach. You may view your file and possibly make photocopies, with the exception of the therapist’s personal notes. Finally, you have the right to have your file or parts thereof destroyed. You must submit a written request for this. I am obliged to keep your file carefully up to 20 years after the therapy has been concluded. I must then destroy your file, unless you have indicated in writing before the expiry of those 20 years that you have objection to destruction.

2. Complaints

If you have complaints, we will act according to the complaints procedure of the KNGF. Every physical therapist is required by law to have a complaints procedure. With my membership of the KNGF I fulfill the legal obligation. Complaints about treatment and treatment are best discussed with your therapist in the first instance. They are often misunderstandings that can be solved in a conversation. If you are unable to solve it in this way, you can use the following options.


If it is not possible to discuss the complaint with your therapist, then a KNGF mediator can be used to guide the conversation. The KNGF can put you in contact with one of the mediators. The mediator also has a confidentiality obligation.

KNGF complaints committee

If the complaint is such that mediation does not offer a solution, you can write to the independent complaints committee of the KNGF. This committee consists of a chairman, a representative from the patient organizations and a member of the KNGF. The complaint is then – against the background of the Healthcare Complaints Complaints Act – tested against the professional code for physiotherapists. The complaints committee only makes judgments and recommendations, but cannot take disciplinary action. The next step is for this

Disciplinary court for healthcare

If the patient wants to continue with his complaint after the complaints committee, he must submit a request to the disciplinary colleague of the KNGF. The information exchanged is confidential in nature and remains with the complaints committee.