In recent years, Dutch health insurance companies have taken full control of themselves and are no longer limited to their insurance business. Because of this influence I can no longer practice my profession in a free manner. I want to feel free to treat people optimally without all kinds of restrictions imposed by your health insurer.

What does this mean for you as an insured?

Physiotherapy is reimbursed under your supplementary insurance. You do not need a doctor’s referral for this. If you have a chronic condition that appears on the “List Minister Borst”, you do need a referral, usually from a specialist. If you want to be treated by me, you will receive a bill. If you are insured, you can submit this bill to your health insurer and in most cases you will be reimbursed 75%. You also pay me 75% of the bill. If you are not additionally insured or insured abroad, we will make a price agreement in advance. You can schedule an appointment through the site. To be sure that you are honoring your appointment, you pay € 25 in advance. This payment is for your first consultation. You pay any follow-up appointments in cash or by pin. You will receive a bill for this, possibly for your health insurer.